IT’S LUH JERN Marine !

IT’S LUH JERN Marine !

OOO RRAH to Marine Walter for compiling this rapid fire  respecting the Lejeune / luh jern family’s awesome name.- some compelling facts….   & bravo zulu’s to  J. R. Bates, George Barrows, Ralph Bates & many others


The Lejeune / luh jern family would like respect & honor returned to the General’s great name. Herein for your review is the gouge, substantiating that we have a generation who have been, sadly,  off target …. it is remedial action time as well as time to honor and respect one outstanding leatherneck…  please pass the word…the Lejeune / luh jern family love it.


Media  TV – Video  –  short  –  quick


Herein is a collective of respect & honor for the General Lejeune / luh jern history …. CMC remarks, Diane Sawyer, Leatherneck Magazine story (April 2008), NPR, Videos/ YouTube, as well as the ineluctable Marine Corps League Veterans like George M Barrows who have never misspoke this great name. The Marine who saved our Corps and later VMI as well as creating MCA, MCL, amphibious warfare, Marine schools, 10 November traditions, and offered leadership second to none.

————————————      One compelling 3 minute film –           Time Machine  – from long – long ago

Mahalo Charlie Gaddy – ABC TV anchor man and a true media square shooter.

Note: the  VMI army general was the older brother of the late Marine hero Colonel John Ripley, who was at VMI after having retired as a Marine Colonel


Each clip only 3 seconds —  short & a touch of spunk  —  Corps style  … many celebs and  corps commandant and others have joined the effort…  rapid fire   quite a kick


At Marine Barracks on YouTube dot com  PT Brent’s  9 minute talk / PME on Lejeune / luh jern

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Camp Lejeune / luh-jern History     NEED SHORT form


At the dedication of the Wounded Warriors Barracks and the Fisher House, there were about 1000 people present.  All at Camp Lejeune / luh jern  with CMC / short  MOVE UP


National Public Radio 3 minutes on Lejeune / luh jern —  N P R


The new Commanding Officer of United States Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune / luh jern has it right BZ Colonel Lecce / GMB too


Lejeune commands change hands by HOPE HODGE

On one of the more light-hearted local controversies, pronunciation of the base’s name, Lecce left no doubt.

“Of course, there’s only one was to pronounce it,” he said. “It’s ‘Luh-jern, and everybody needs to get on board with that. For my staff and my Marines it will always be Luh-jern.”


Outside main gate at Camp Lejeune / luh jern



Marine Times:

Michelle Obama at Camp Lejeune… but did she say Luh-jern?

But did the first lady of the United States acquiesce to the wishes of a movement within, and without, the Marine Corps to return to the Lejeune family’s pronunciation of its name:  Luh-jern?          “Yes, she did, and so did Dr. Biden,” Fahy confirmed. “Martha Stewart said it that way, too.”


Commandant backs Lejeune / luh jern  pronunciation push By Amy McCullough

amccullough        from

You won’t hear Commandant Gen. James Conway mispronouncing the name of the Corps’ largest East Coast base or the famous Marine for which it is named. He says “Luh-jern,” the same way Lt. Gen. John A. Lejeune did, and all his relatives have for centuries. The Corps has not implemented any formal policy encouraging Marines to get it right, but Conway and other senior leaders are leading by example and hoping others will soon catch on.  Conway used the correct pronunciation earlier this month when he mentioned Camp Lejeune, N.C., during a presentation to a group of senior leaders from the Corps and Navy. Other Marine leaders, including Lt. Gen. Dennis Hejlik, commander of II Marine Expeditionary Force, and Maj. Gen. Richard Tryon, who commands Marine forces in Iraq, have been heard recently using the correct pronunciation, as well, setting a new standard for younger Marines who may not know any better, said Maj. David Nevers, Conway’s spokesman.  “As you can imagine, it will take some time for many Marines, who simply have not known better, . to internalize the correct pronunciation,  but we’ll get there,” Nevers said. “It’s important to the Lejeune family.It’s important to the commandant. And it’s important to all Marines who share an interest in properly honoring our heritage.” Lejeune is among the greatest leathernecks of all time. A decorated World War I veteran, the 13th commandant is credited with almost single-handedly saving the service he fought so hard to join in 1890. Camp Lejeune was named for him in 1942, but over the years the French Creole pronunciation – Lejeune was a native of Pointe Coupee Parish, La. – has gotten lost. Last year, a group of veterans, Lejeune family members and some active-duty Marines initiated an education campaign to “take back” the Lejeune / luh jern name.  Since then, members of the group have published essays in Marine publications; and bill boards, posters and banners have popped up around the country. One “Luh-jern” sign hangs inside South Carolina’s Parris Island Museum where Marine recruits are guaranteed to see it at some point during boot camp.  Marine Veteran P.T. Brent, who left the Corps in 1967, has created at least 20 professional military education courses on the subject, including two that have been loaded to the popular video-sharing Web site You Tube in the past three months. Combined, the two You Tube videos have racked up more than 10,000 views.


CBS TV   North Carolina

Respect & honor General Lejeune (luh jern) RATES IT
Go to wikipedia and check his history
Thank you for your note about the pronunciation of Camp Lejeune. As long time anchor man in eastern North Carolina I have pretty much taken a beating from the public for the past couple of years for saying “Luh-Jern” instead of the June word. So, your note certainly got other professional journalists off case and it made it easier for me to explain to the public why we say it that way.
Again, thanks for the help and Semper Fi.
Allan Hoffman
WNCT- TV Anchor Man local CBS
OOO RRAH for those who have the courage to honor General John LeJeune / luh jern
Journalist have standards – hopefully high
Hope can they say the name incorrectly – once they know the correct way?
There is no one to blame on this disrespect – perhaps the same reason some say waRshington for another great American name. It takes character to handle a long time error — and pluck to stand up for what is right.
George Barrows is a great American as are most United States Marines
Semper Fidelis Leathernecks

I was exceedingly fortunate to serve more than 30 years on active duty in the US Marine Corps. When a member of Hotel 2/2 briefly prior to leaving for Vietnam, EVERYONE called the base by its proper name as General John Archer Lejeune (Luh Jurn) and his family did.As military history and tradition are held with such respect in our Corps, I just could not understand how we “lapsed” in our respect to the Marine that saved us from becoming just another branch of the US Army.   Finally – we seem to be getting back on track.   Thanks much to all that care enough to do the right thing and honor the General’s memory and his surviving family.

Semper Fidelis, John R. Bates USMC (now retired)

——from General Mike Hagee 33rd Commandant



Leatherneck April 2008 largest # of web hits in MCA history

10 Lejeune


Editor  —  LEATHERNECK: from Colonel JRB  Kudos’ to P.T. Brent for his article on General John Archer LeJeune in the April 2008 edition of LEATHERNECK. Respect and proper   recognition are long overdue for one of our greatest leaders of Marines.  When I checked into Hotel Co, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines for a short tour prior to leaving for Vietnam in 1966, EVERYBODY pronounced the general’s name as the general himself did – “Luh Jern.” I’m not sure how or why the pronunciation was allowed to change over the years, but it is refreshing to see that someone cares enough to properly research, bring it to the attention of the public and make it right. After all, we don’t say Marine “Corpse”, do we???


To the Editor, Leatherneck magazine:    Bravo and merci beaucoup to Mr. P.T. Brent on his splendid feature entitled “Lejeune, Luh jern and how to say it” in the April 2008 issue of Leatherneck magazine. As an 11th generation citizen of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana; author of 18 books on Louisiana history, culture and genealogy; and distant cousin of the late General Lejeune, I wholeheartedly congratulate Mr. Brent on his noble efforts to increase awareness of the General’s legacy as well as encouraging the public to correctly pronounce the surname “Luh jern,” as opposed to the mangled “Luh Zhoon.”

Over the past two decades, I have devoted considerable time to the scholarly research of the General’s ancestry, in the course of which it has been determined that this particular branch of the Lejeune family were not Acadian or “Cajun” exiles as often misrepresented but, rather, continental French from Switzerland, who moved to New Orleans, thence north to the Illinois country and ultimately south again to Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.  This autumn, in addition to publishing an editorial series  on the role of our community in World War I – during which several of our native sons courageously gave their lives in the service of the AEF – I foresee the possibility of a memorial service honoring General Lejeune, ideally on November 10, at the Lejeune statue in New Roads, seat of Pointe Coupee Parish. I, and the community, would greatly appreciate any suggestion as to how best we can accomplish this vision in a manner befitting the honor of “The Greatest Leatherneck of Them All,” our own John Archer Lejeune.  Most respectfully,   Brian J. Costello  9561 False River Dr.  New Roads, LA 70760


Answer to the trivia query…what is 30 feet wide and 10

1/2 feet tall outside  Camp Lejeune (Luh-Jern) main gate – North Carolina …soon

Quantico, VA. donated by Clear Channel



1.     Call it ‘Camp Luhjern‘ – Marine Corps Times…/marine_lejeunename_092908
Sep 29, 2008 – Lt. Gen. John Archer Lejeune is one of the Corps’ all-time heroes, a legendary leatherneck who became the first Marine to lead an Army …

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New class: It’s ‘Luhjern‘ 101 – Marine Corps Times…/marine_luhjurn_062509
Jun 25, 2009 – A former Marine and friend of Lt. Gen. John A. Lejeune’s family has a message for local media around the North Carolina base that bears the …



Camp “Luhjern” – Portland Marine Corps |
Apr 8, 2011 – A former Marine commandant made a special plea this month to members … Michael W. Hagee asked journalists to say “Luh-jern,” just as family members … Rick Willis, eastern news director for Time Warner station News 14 …



Battle Rattle – A Marine Corps Times Blog – Michelle Obama at…/michelle-obama-at-camp-lejeune-but-did
Apr 13, 2011 – Michelle Obama at Camp Lejeune… but did she say Luh-jern? …stopped in at Camp Lejeune, N.C. today for about three hours as part of the …

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How do you pronounce Lejeune? Base officials say it’s ‘Luhjern…/how-do-you-pronounce-lejeune–base-of
Jul 20, 2012 – … the greatest Marines of all time — but that name is often mispronounced. … Barrows is instrumental in the Lejeune (Luh-jern) Movement and …



You say Lejeune, we say LuhJern | 9 On Your Side…/you-say-lejeune-we-say-luh-jern-ar-91887…
Apr 4, 2011 – You say Lejeune, we say Luh-Jern (Added: April 04, 2011) … The 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps sent a memo this weekend asking all …



John A Lejeune Respect the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps say › Community
Jan 19, 2011 – In his effort to become a Marine, Midshipman Lejeune / luh jern went to… a compelling 3 minute film Time Machine Effect from long – long ago.



Camp ‘Luhjern‘ – Topix…/marine-corps/TJK6OISUE3JGM9TT…
3 posts – 3 authors – Apr 10, 2011
Respect & honor General Lejeune (luh jern) RATES IT … As long time anchor man in eastern North Carolina I have pretty much taken a beating …



Page 1 of comments on LAURA LEJEUNE (Luhjern) 2929 – YouTube
God Bless our Marines and the Lejeune (le-jern) family of Louisiana. Merry Christmas to…. The first time I heard of Camp Lejeune it was pronounced “Luh Jern.


19.           Lejeune luh jern rapid fire 2929 – YouTube


Lt. Gen. John Archer Lejeune is one of the Corps’ all-time heroes, a legendary leatherneck who became the first Marine to lead an Army division, ……/marine_lejeunename_092908w/ -Cached – Similar –

USMC81: Call it “Camp Luh-jern”

Oct 2, 2009 … “We all pronounce our name ‘Luh-jern,’ and that’s what we’re trying to make clear,” said John Lawrence Lejeune, 82, a distant cousin of the …


from  anchor ABC TV Charles Gaddy

Charlie always said “Camp Le-jurn” but everyone else says “Le-june” — what’s the story behind the difference? Which is “right”? – Pat, Chicago

Dear Pat, thank you for the question. The crux of the story is simple. A person’s name can only be properly pronounced one way … the way the person says it. But I’ll share the details.

When I came to Raleigh in 1960 to work as a staff announcer at WPTF Radio, an old program director named Graham Poyner sat me down to go over some pronunciations that might be tricky. He was a stickler for correctness and I’m glad he was. On his list was Camp Lejeune. It was luh-JERN, not luh-JUNE.

When I went over to television in 1970, I naturally carried that pronunciation with me. Every time I used it in the news I got letters, threats from marines and side glances from my co-workers. Then I decided to research the story.

The famous Marine base is named for Lt. General John Archer Lejeune, a highly decorated hero of World War I, the first commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps and later the commandant of Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. When I contacted VWI, they told me that a daughter of the famous general was still alive and lived near the campus. I contacted her and she agreed to do an interview. I got permission to take our helicopter to VMI for the story. On Dec. 8, 1983, pilot Mike Allen, photographer Bruce Wittman and I flew to the beautiful campus in the Virginia mountains and went to the home of Ms. Lejeune. (I think her first name was Laura.) My very first question was “How do you pronounce your name?” The old lady smiled and in her soft voice replied “luh-JERN.” When I told her that Peter Jennings (we were ABC at the time) and all the network and local anchors and reporters called the name luh-JUNE or luh-ZHUNE, she just smiled and repeated “luh-JERN.”

The people at VMI were very helpful and seemed happy that we were doing the story, They gave me a copy of a handout they gave to the press indicating the last syllable of the name rhymed with the word “urn.”

We put the story together and aired it, wrongly thinking it would put an end to the controversy. Not so. When a story came up involving the base, as they often do, the reactions were still the same. I was accused of just trying       to “fancy up” the name. The outcry was “everybody says Camp luh-JUNE.” My crusade fell on deaf ears.

Why should we desecrate the name of an American hero and his descendants by mispronouncing the name? It’s an insult. It is just as easy to say luh-JERN as it is to say luh-JUNE.

In a recent story by Martha Quillin of the Raleigh News & Observer, a retired Marine named Patrick Brent has arrived from his home in Hawaii to urge Marine public affairs officers and reporters to call the man what he called himself. It will be interesting to see what happens.

In Marine history, Lejeune has been called “the greatest Leatherneck of them all.”

I hope Patrick Brent has better luck than I. Semper Fi!

Side story: The general’s daughter told me this story she remembered from her childhood: In a WWI victory parade down Broadway, her father was leading his marching Marines on horseback. The little girl was watching from a reviewing stand with her mother. As the general and his mount approached, a woman on the sidewalk ran out into the street with a bouquet of flowers. It spooked the horse, which reared and nearly threw the general before he could regain control of the animal

and last from George M. Barrows – one squared away Gyrene…


Layout 1

JAL business card_side1 copy

… for surviving this worthwhile diatribe  — should you desire a Lejeune / luh jern  Jarhead Pen/ Mug  contact George Barrows MCL  N.C.

Semper Fidelis & well done to George Barrows of MCL – —————————————

and soon two new books with Lejeune / luh jern  stories by Ralph Bates

Semper Fidelis Leathernecks



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