BRENT, Patrick_6


is a study in contradictions.  Raised in inner-city Chicago and the product of many years of Catholic education, Brent studied to be a Catholic priest for two years before being expelled for breaking most of the rules.  Perhaps even then he heard a different drummer.  Today he is a successful entrepreneur, adventurer, and avid polo player.  A writer by avocation, his most recent stint was as an embedded correspondent for the U.S. Marine Corps in the Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brent is an advocate for femininity and sensuality in women.  Conversely, in his corporate endeavor, he was a leader in placing women in decision-making and management positions heretofore not enjoyed by women.  The American Geisha is his first book.  It is meant to be an ‘instructional’ guide for men and women who strive for greater intimacy in their relationships.  Divorced, he remains good friends with his former wife and mother of his awesome daughter.  He resides
in Honolulu.


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