The American Geisha


a sizzling tutorial to american women

here it is


Fascinating book.  The author is clearly an outstanding patriot.   I am a naturalized American and I thank him for all he has done, and will do, for the United States of America.   This book can be viewed as egotistical.    However, I believe ego is absolutely essential for all successful people – although personally I dislike arrogance/hubris.  I find this author to be mischievous, outrageous, endearing and incorrigible all at the same time.    He shares so many magnificent, exciting experiences in such a descriptive and oft-times self deprecating humorous way that it leaves the reader wanting more!  The sign of a great author!!!!!!!!!!


Oh this is so delicious and very naughty!     Totally outrageous and enticing “Across the Pond” education.     I  believe there are many women who are totally turned on by a man who is intense, demanding and in total control – and they both know it.     Think about  it – women are drawn to commanding men in movies and TV dramas.    It takes a very special man to take on the persona of the men portrayed in this book, and I would encourage every man to have the confidence to pursue and receive the unbelievable pleasure that will result.     The advice in this book is seductive, enlightening and helpful –  it’s fun – and my partner and I thank the author as we are having the time of our lives.    Give it a go!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen from England


It runs directly against the grain of much feminist thinking – however, in the bedroom just relax and enjoy your sexuality!!!!!!!!

a devout reader in California


American Geisha

– A must read and then, practice, practice, practice


Initially annoyed with the author’s view of women which quickly changed to gratitude

Sensual and thought provoking

Just for fun:

You’ve got to be kidding!  Who does this stuff?

Off to buy a kimono!

Get real ladies.  A way to a man’s heart is NOT through his stomach


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