U.S. Marines bring hope to a poor African nation


Sunday, May 9, 2004
U.S. Marines bring hope to a poor African nation – French Foreign Legion joins Marines
By P.T. Brent

Djibouti, Horn of Africa; A Jeep bus careens wildly around a corner and the side mirror whacks the head of a local man; he drops, apparently dead. Djiboutians take little notice. Life is cheap is this lawless land. Continue reading


Interview with U.S. Marine General Jerry McAbee



Interview with U.S. Marine General Jerry McAbee
Combat Notebook: Dispatches from the War on Terrorism
By P. T. Brent, 5/28/2004 11:38:04 AM

“For those who have fought for it, life has a special flavor the protected will never know”
A few words written by an anonymous Marine, taken from a now famous combat ration box in Vietnam …. and now echoed by the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan fighting a global war on terrorism. We are visiting the Marines arriving in AFG theater (Marine Expeditionary Unit) comprised of a fleet of Navy ships, aircraft, and a battalion over 1,000 U.S. Marines. Continue reading

Iwo Jima Revisited on 60th Anniversary


Iwo Jima Revisited on 60th Anniversary
By P. T. Brent, 4/6/2005 9:45:20 PM
Dateline: Iwo Jima, Japan 11 March 2005
Sixty years has done little to diminish the visceral memories of both the Japanese and U.S. Marine survivors visiting for this 60th anniversary of the battle to the few living survivors. It is the last journey for many of these brave Marines who traveled far and long to have one last look on a battlefield, which has not changed since 1945. The rusted detritus of a violence, tanks, cannons, mortars, bayonets and personal effects still stand silent sentinels, untouched by time, to one of war’s most horrific battle sites. Continue reading

Interview with a Maui Marine



Interview with Maui Marine Ernest Hoopii
Combat Notebook: Dispatches from the War on Terrorism
By P. T. Brent, 6/3/2004 12:50:44 AM

Afghanistan … Meet First Sergeant Ernest Hoopii United States Marine Corps, a career Marine from Maui. Back during high school years on Oahu, his pals at Mid Pacific use to call him “ Hoop” as he demonstrated his athletic prowess at volley ball, track, and of course hoops. Continue reading

The D o g g o n e Marine Corps


The D o g g o n e Marine Corps
Combat Notebook: Dispatches from the War on Terrorism
By P. T. Brent, 5/24/2004 8:04:19 AM
And a Gyrene from Grand Rapids ….


CChyna, bred by the corps — tattoo Delta-043, is the pride of the expanding Marine Corps dog tracker and security units … MWD Marine War Dog. Perhaps named after the legendary fourth Marines of Shanghai fame or she is just a close working pal with Marine Sergeant Dan Wheeler. CChyna has been busy from Cuba to Iraq. Trained to go ahead of Marines and sniff out explosives and hidden snipers or terrorists. This canine leatherneck knows her stuff. In Cuba CChyna was used for mind deterrent with Afghan detainees. After healing from a broken foot CChyna is now with his master Dan in red hot Fallujah to sniff out IED’s (improvised explosive devices) in Iraq. Born 12Sept 99 dual trained for aggression and bomb detection, CChyna is a Belgian Malau. Continue reading

IT’S LUH JERN Marine !


IT’S LUH JERN Marine !

OOO RRAH to Marine Walter for compiling this rapid fire  respecting the Lejeune / luh jern family’s awesome name.- some compelling facts….   & bravo zulu’s to  J. R. Bates, George Barrows, Ralph Bates & many others


The Lejeune / luh jern family would like respect & honor returned to the General’s great name. Herein for your review is the gouge, substantiating that we have a generation who have been, sadly,  off target …. it is remedial action time as well as time to honor and respect one outstanding leatherneck…  please pass the word…the Lejeune / luh jern family love it. Continue reading