Hawaii Newspaper Columnist Eddie Sherman Dies at 89

Hawaii Newspaper Columnist Eddie Sherman Dies at 89


Eddie Sherman

Editor’s note: Well-known Hawaii newspaper columnist Eddie Sherman died Tuesday night. Sherman, who was born on February 22, 1924, worked for a number of news organizations including MidWeek Publications and Honolulu Advertiser. A friend of his, Patrick Brent, wrote this story after learning Sherman had died Tuesday.

BY PT BRENT – If ever there was import from that big island called America, who earned his “kama’aina” stripes, it would Mr. Eddie Sherman.

Since 1956, Eddie has been one of the premier journalists in Hawaii – clearly of the same caliber as New York’s Walter Winchell and the other mainland greats.

He was known as the Dean of Honolulu journalists writing for the Honolulu Advertiser and in later years for MidWeek Magazine. He set the bar for three-dot journalism.

Think about the “dash” between Eddie’s 89 years: 1924-2013.  That dash kicks off at a boy’s orphanage in Boston, enlists in the U.S. Coast Guard and travels to our beautiful islands on December 7, 1941, in time to help rebuild the Navy’s broken fleet at their Pearl Harbor shipyard.

Eddie moved on to be radio announcer, journalist, comedian, entertainer, and TV star (a Hawaii 5-0 original), Most of all, he became the beloved husband of Patty Sherman… and he always said: “I married UP”

Eddie’s spirit lives on in his many written works. Eddie’s book “Frank, Sammy, Marlon & Me” is a must read classic.

Eddie as a journalist met and befriended countless celebrities from John Wayne to Frank Sinatra and from Marlon Brando to Jim Nabors – all considered Eddie to be more than a news reporter. Simply stated they just like being with him.

Eddie had that gift that made people comfortable. They trusted him with their stories.  To most celebrities, Eddie was “Mister Hawaii”, he owned the heartbeat and the tempo of the islands.

Sharing this with our most well known stars from Elvis Presley to Bob Hope and from Sophia Loren to Don Ho.

He wrote only positive press and took umbrage with any attempts to alter that policy… ask his editors.

Eddie leaves behind much more than his many columns … the legacy he really leaves behind is woven into the fabric and the lives of the countless people that he touched.  They all feel special… this author does.

He was a dot dot dot one-of-a-kind treasure.  Now Eddie is busy sharing his sparkling stories with Sinatra and Brando –  upstairs.


P.T. Brent is a Hawaii resident who calls himself  “an Eddie …  Sherman protégé’”